Some stuff that you wouldn’t really want to read

Reading is my hobby and writing is my passion. I enjoy reading stuff and write almost nothing lol. But I do write some bits when bored, though I don’t really publish my work here.

But I’ve made this blog to show my creativity to the world but the problem is, I’m not creative enough. Still hoping that I will be able to meet your expectations somehow.

A person can hope, right?

I’m not much of a philosophical person as my blog might tell you. I’m in fact a very random person. But I mostly get inspirations for writing philosophical things about life. Just realized it. I’m such a nerd. Help.

I’m always trying to write something that’s meaningful and something which leaves.. a good impression on you maybe? My blog is titled colours of rainbow. Cliché, huh? But okay. Let’s be real. It’s totally up to you guys how you interpret my writings and how you manage to find the colours or make it colourful in your head. That’s your assignment! 😏

I made this blog back in 2013, when I was a complete stranger to the term blogging. It was a rash decision? Yes. I sort of acted on impulse and was like, “Yeah! I’ll have something of my own and write whatever I want.” And it’s pretty much true. Who am I kidding? But I ended up writing only a few things. I’m so sorry guys.

Let’s hope I keep writing and keep making you laugh and think about how crazy of a person I am. Let’s hope that I keep writing stuff that makes you wonder what the hell did you just read.

I’m so sorry. I’m just.. weird like that. Bear with me.

Keep reading and writing people. You’ve got the guts and skill and whatever it takes to be creative. Let’s show the world what we are.

Stay colourful. ☺☺

(You’re regretting the idea of reading this in the first place, aren’t you?)


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