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Extremes Of Life.

Birth. Death.

Awake. Sleep.

Bright. Dark.

Morning. Night.

Sunrise. Sunset.

New. Old.

Good. Bad.

Hot. Cold.

Friends. Enemies.

Happiness. Sorrows.

Giggles. Sobs.

Laughs. Cries.

Dream. Reality.

Speak. Scream.

Acknowledge. Ignore.

Sweet. Bitter.

Learn. Forget.

Pain. Relief.

Love. Hate.

Think. Act.

Compliment. Insult.

Excited. Depressed.

Glad. Regret.

Peace. War.

Blame. Forgive.

Together. Alone.

Black. White.

A lot. None.

Birth. Death.

Two extremes.

Different phases.

Destined for us.

Which no one can escape.

Until they die.

This is life. 







Life goes on!
Whatever happens, it goes on. Ups and downs are part of life. But to live a life, according to the teachings of ‘Islam’, is the main point.
Its not a game. Its a bitter reality.
It will end one day. Yes it will, and nobody can increase the time period.

I love this quote, as it touches me,

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all”
-Oscar  Wilde

Life may not be perfect. But to make it perfect, to make it colorful. Feel it! Live it, in a proper manner, before its too late.

It goes on!

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