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First Birthday.

Woah! My blog turns one today!

Its unbelievable. Really! I can’t believe its been a year. There I was planning to make a blog of my own. And now one year have passed since I made it.

Time sure flies. Flies very fast infact. I know I haven’t been that active. I haven’t posted much. (Well I had time, but I was out of topics 😜)

I don’t have much to write at the moment, but I want to thank each and every one who praised my work. Or else I would have lost my confidence. Thank you so much for appreciating me and encouraging me for more.

And yeah special thanks to Maria, for she is the reason I made this blog :p And she praised my pieces. Being a great writer herself, she made me write here. Thanks again. ☺

In this meanwhile, I came to know about some super awesome blogs. And you all write amazing, you know? 😉

And yeah, thanks to those as well who followed my blog.

I’ll try my level best to fill this rainbow with beautiful colors. For all I need is inspiration. 😌

Keep reading and writing. Keep blogging. 😊

I miss them. I really do!

While I was reading a blog, It reminded me of the ‘chicks’. Which, we bought exactly a year ago.
Whenever I think of them, my eyes fills with tears. They no longer exist in this world. They DIED! Leaving us crying.

I wasn’t impressed by the idea of buying chicks and feeding them. We never had a pet before. But my siblings, they needed chicks at any cost. Mother couldn’t refuse, as she loved chicks too. After all the discussion, two little chicks came to our home.
Yellow one became everyone’s favorite, because of the fact that he was fast and he acted like a big-bro to the other one. Brown chick was quite slow, and he used to follow the other one.
They were too noisy. But we loved that noise.
We provided them a box to live in, which was in the balcony.  But they were always wanting to get out of there.
First few days, I didn’t take any notice of them. But slowly, I started loving them. They were too cute actually. The way, they looked, they ate, they drank, they sleep, they sit, was all lovable.
Days passed, and within a month, the yellow one got ill. We tried a lot, to let him eat, play. But he didn’t answer us. We were quite sad. And we knew that he’ll be no more. And one day, we found him lying in his box, with brown one sitting in the corner. We all were very sad. My sister cried, it was her favorite. He lived 17 days. They were too many days, for getting attached to a pet.

Now only brown chick was left. We could see sadness in his eyes as well. But he recovered sooner than us. And for our surprise, he became the fastest, the naughtiest. He learned high jumps. He was best friend of my brother. My brother could tell, when he was thirsty, and when he needed food. For me, he was still innocent. He would wake up early and make us rise early too. He had learned the trick to get out of the box. It was easy for him. He ate everything from our hands. Even once he wanted snacks too. Whenever he needed us, he’ll start making noise at the door. And we would run to him.
I used to call him ‘chuzu’. I never picked him up, my siblings did that. I still feel, what if I did?

There are a lot more moments we had. But unfortunately, I’m not able to describe!
Then after some days, he got ill too. We didn’t want him to end like that yellow one. I’m unable to tell you people, to describe my feelings and his fight for the life. He tried to fight his disease. We gave him so much food to eat, but he didn’t even had a bite. We opened the door for him, so he would play, but he didn’t want too. We gave him medicine, which we forced him to have it. I still remember the last night of his life. He couldn’t stand, he just kept sleeping all the day. He saw all of us wistfully. Our eyes filled with tears. He was breathing very slowly, as if it was too difficult for him. That night was too hard for all of us.
Next morning, my brother and sister woke up for school. He was alive, still breathing. I heard them talking about, but I was too sleepy. Then they left for school. After some while, my mother woke me up, and asked me to look at the chick. I stood, and went to the chick’s box. I saw him, I couldn’t see properly, because of feeling too much sleepy. I rubbed my eyes and looked again, and then the view shook me. I kept watching him. I couldn’t believe on my eyes.  Our dearest chick was lying, I turned to mother, and said, “He’s dead”. Mother said nothing, but nodded. She knew about it before me. She went to drop my siblings at the school. And when she came back, chick had died. Tears fell down from my eyes. I cried. And still, while writing, I am crying. I cannot stop myself. Its been a year, but still.
That whole month, we kept talking about him. We missed his noise. Whenever I went into the balcony, I used to stare at the place, where his box was kept. And it made me sad again and again.
He lived 47 days. More than a month. Its enough time to get attached with a pet. My chuzu. I still love him. Not only him. But both of them.

I miss them. I really do!Photo2075 Photo2077Sorry, but I don’t have the picture of yellow one. 😦


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