That feeling you get when..

That was the worst feeling ever!

She had no idea, why was she feeling this way.

So bitter, so miserable, so painful!

When there was nothing bad happened, when nothing went wrong.

When everything was just the way, it supposed to be.

Se felt her eyes tearing up, for a completely unknown reason.

She resisted the urge to yell and shout, which turned out to be the most difficult task.

Her tears fell down before she quickly wiped them away. For, she had no logical answer to the question that why in the world she was crying.

‘There’s always a reason to be upset.’ Her own words echoed in her mind.

How weird!

“Okay! That’s enough! Better change the mood, before it gets worse. Smile.” She told herself and smiled as her sister showed her piece of art.

“Hey, that’s pretty good, you know?” It took all her strength to smile and compliment that piece, when her mind was doing total opposite.

“Thanks a lot. I worked really hard for this.” Her sister smiled, absentmindedly, admiring her own work.

For once, she felt somewhat good. At least, someone was happy.

“But why I’m not happy?” She asked herself.

No answer.

She sighed and made a silent prayer to God.

She then knew, that every thing was going to be alright. She believed Him.

She gasped in excitement, her gaze transfixed on the screen. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

A smile had spread onto her face, the smile which she had been trying to bring for hours now. It just came immediately and it seemed to last for a longer time, as her face was beaming from happiness.

She ran to her sister, and hugged her tightly.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! I’m so happy, so so happy!” She repeated the words in mantra. Whereas, her sister was quite surprised by this sudden action.

“What’s the matter, sis?” Her sister asked.

“Guess what? I got number of reviews and comments on my post. Like number of them, and they all loved my post. I can’t believe they did.” She told her, her voice flooded with excitement and pleasure, her eyes sparkling.

“So what’s the big deal? I mean, I really appreciate your efforts and I know that writing of yours would be amazing as always, but its not something new to you, now is it?” Her sister was still confused.

“I know, its not the first time, but still you feel happy, right? And when you’re feeling all down and….” She trailed off, realizing she was feeling down moments ago.

Oh God! The wonders! How could those people-who don’t even know you in person-could make you feel so happy, just by their overwhelming comments?

Maybe it was just the way, God had chosen for her to be.. happy and to smile. Wow! Her prayer did the work.

She smiled again, this time surprised.

That was the most amazing feeling ever! Never she had felt this good.

And this time, she even knew the reason.

One just need to believe in God, and ask Him for the needs.

All the worries will go away, and a smile will take place, as every thing will be perfect.

You just have to believe Him!


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  1. It truly is amazing how Allah taala brings joys to us when we’re down – so down it feels like we’re drowning and there can never be anything good about this world. The way ‘she’ trusted Him to just help and soothe and make it all nice is how I do it too. And it works just like that, and then you’re smiling surprised and in awe of His magics like how quickly everything just gets okay. Or even if it doesn’t happen “quick”, it does happen still. Love how you’ve mentioned silent prayers, sadness from unknown sources, emotional struggles, smile facades, and the natural relations we have with everything around us. 🙂


    • Thanks a bunch 🙂
      I’m glad you loved it.
      Cause I was so unsure about this post. It took an hour to write, and still I think, I lack somewhere, may be little more details?
      Well, thanks again ^.^

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