Colors of rainbow!

It was raining!

Wet ‘green’ grass with rainy weather would make anyone crazy, but people with troubles would find this weather more awful.
She sat alone there. At an ‘orange’ bench. In a park, with lots of kids playing. While some people were sitting on the bench like she did. But the only difference was that, she was ALONE.
She was thinking about the people enjoying there.
Don’t they have any problems? Any worries?  Like she had! Is she the only one, whose life was filled with troubles ?
She really needed the answer!
She held her ‘violet’ colored shawl tightly, which was her favorite!
She stood up. Walked a little mile. A child pass by her, running and exclaiming with joy ‘How beautiful the rain is!’
She stopped. She turned and kept looking at the child’s face with amazement. She could find whole bunch of excitement at the child’s face.
It looked like through his appearance, that he belonged to a poor family. He had wore a ‘red’ shirt, with ‘indigo’ pants, which were in miserable condition.
“But he’s behaving cheerful and carefree?” She thought.

The rain was gradually stopping.

Just then, the child ran towards a woman with old clothes. It looked like that, the woman was his mother. The child asked something , and pointed towards the pop-corn stand, but the woman refused.  The child was unhappy for the very first moment. But then he started running and jumping. Forgetting about pop-corns. She understood the whole story. She felt sad for that poor child. But at the same time she was amazed, that the child was still happy and excited. And the woman was also smiling, watching her child, playing.
The rain stopped at last. Clouds started scattering. She was still watching the happy child. The woman, just for her child, bought entry tickets to the park having so less money.  Now she wasn’t able to buy her child a packet of pop-corn. But she wasn’t complaining!
She stepped forward, and reached the pop-corn stand. She bought one packet, and returned to the child. She gave that packet to the child. The child stared her in a surprise. The woman saw this, and came closer. And said to her,
“What are you doing girl?”

“Nothing. I just want him to eat this. Please take it. It will make me happy!”

The child took it. And the woman couldn’t say anything. After all, her child really wanted pop-corns.
He started eating, and went happily. And she felt an undefined happiness. A little smile took place at her face.

Sun shone out. With its ‘yellow’ rays falling on the ground.  And she could see a ‘rainbow’ in the sky. With all its beautiful colors.

She had understood. She’s not the only one, facing difficulties. There are people, who are having a tougher time and leading a more difficult life than hers. One should thank God for everything and not complain.

She again sat on that ‘orange’ bench. She took a nice great look at the ‘blue’ sky and the rainbow. Which made her think, to the second side of coin either. She smiled.  She had to make her life as colorful as rainbow. Through bringing a SMILE on other’s faces.

rainbowThis  post is written in response to The Daily Post


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  1. I love it, Ayesha.
    Like how you described her agony first, and then her surprise when she saw that kid playing happily, even after his mom refused to buy him pop corns. Real happiness really lies in bringing smiles to others. And that’s exactly how a rainbow forms. 🙂
    Creative story!

  2. Amazing work yar how u made a story with just describing the rainbow colours

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